Utopian Dystopia
2nd-9th July
Kochi '22


Utopian dystopia is a festival focused on community, art, perspectives and the future.

The Core

Utopian Dystopia is an event focused on bridging art, design and technology. An unstated rift separates the doctrines of art and technology. Utopian Dystopia will take on the role of facilitator and provide a stage for the amalgamation of these two disciplines, recognizing that art and technology complement each other, thereby bridging the gap not just between the two disciplines, but also the two communities.

The Theme

Future Glitch

Utopian Dystopia is the namesake of it’s theme. The multidisciplinary event will present artwork that follows the coherent theme of Utopian Dystopia. Each artist, through their work, will communicate their perspectives of the futureeither Utopian or Dystopian. Utopia will portray an ideal setting envisioned by the artist, and Dystopia the opposite.


"Reality exists in the human mind and nowhere else"

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George Orwell's words have never found a stronger footing than today. In this digital era - reminiscent of a dystopia - as the pandemic has melted down the virtual boundaries, rubble beanstalks rooted in hatred are reaching the skies. At the heart of my quest for originality is the yearning to chop down these stalks by amalgamating Art and Design with Technology. Through this curatorship, I envisage a world of kinship -where no human is estranged, no land is alienated - conceived by the thirst for innovation, built by a free spirit, leveraged by creativity and allured by intellectual potency.
‘Utopian Dystopia’ is a context for craftsmen and artists to exhibit the best of their skills with the aid of engineers and designers. The participation of journalists and politicians ensures that the spectator gets a piece of the socio-political scenario while the essence of art is not omitted. My intent as a curator is to push the individual limits of each participant, without bending the intrinsic artistic will, to communicate the original philosophy. The audience passes through the quintessence of expressions on this platform to the future, where the sense of time is lost. The exhibition attains its purpose when the paradox - the artist is at the centre of the art illustration, but the audience is at the centre of the art experience – gives way to a coherent philosophy. We put forth 'Utopian Dystopia', creative dialogue between artists, designers, engineers and social scientists, as a manifestation of human excellence.

- Ar. Asif Rahman Junaid

"Known is a drop. Unknown is an Ocean."

                        - Avvaiyar-Sangam period (3rd century CE)

I want to juxtapose this thought by Avvaiyar in a contemporary context. So often, people get too comfortable with the dystopian world and sway to explore the dystopian reality. Yet, we are at the forefront of technology, and we must unite as a community to address the gap between art, design, and technology. As a curator, I aim to provide a platform for creatively talented individuals who haven't got an opportunity in an established gallery, museum, or art fair. From a mere 733 start-ups in 2016-17, we grew to 14000 start-ups in 2021-22. This start-up culture is a result of the technology boom in the 90s. In 1990 Kerala Government established India's first and largest IT park-Technopark in its capital Thiruvananthapuram. Looking back at history, I believe that Kerala has immense potential to become the centre of art, design, and technology. However, since Feb 2020, India's arts and creative economy have been deeply affected. We need to provide better infrastructure and creative freedom to push the boundaries of raw talent in these communities. 

As of March 2021, the global art market was valued at $50.1 billion. However, we must not forget that our neighbouring country, China, has generated $10 billion worth of sales. Therefore, our collective responsibility as creative citizens is to take the future generation of artists to the worldwide market. Over the last two years, we have welcomed technology to our doorsteps, and the exact needs to happen consistently in the world of art and design. It is time to forgive and forget the Utopian dream and step into the future. Whether it is Dystopian or not, an attempt is worth it. Utopian Dystopia is a strong advocate of identifying and Nurturing Fresh Talents through digital art forms. My role as a curator is to become a catalyst of both the art forms and create more authentic experiences for the viewers without any bias. The global NFT market transactions totalled up to $41 billion at the beginning of 2022, which we need to pay attention to. We aim to break the rules of a conventional art or design festival through our first edition. Anyone who visits our festival can experience a unique celebration of art, tech and design packed with immersive, audio-visual experiences. Whether you are an avid collector of art or a metaverse fan, you will be a part of our futuristic vision.

- Vinod Ramaswamy, Deputy Curator


Hi-Lite Platino, Shankar Nagar Colony Road, Maradu, Kochi, Kerala 682304

Utopian Dystopia will be a multi-disciplinary festival, scheduled to start on the 2nd-9th of July 2022. Doors will be open to the public from 10 AM to 7 PM. Once selected, artists can begin assembling their artwork on the premises from the 15th of June onwards.

Exhibitions, talk shows, debates and panel discussions will be open on all days and will take place parallel throughout the course of the event. Exact dates and timings of performances such as fashion shows, music concerts as well as film screenings will be announced soon.

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